What are the criteria for a credit surrender?

The repurchase of credit is characterized by obtaining a new loan that replaces a pre-existing credit with new conditions. To claim some conditions are necessary. Explanations below.

Consumer credit purchase: the main conditions

The situation of a household determines the conditions for obtaining a purchase of consumer credit in the same constraints as a conventional credit conso. First, this operation is characterized by the existence of a property in the process of repayment and generally aims to extend the repayment period it can not exceed the limit of 35 years.

To become eligible for this banking operation, the household situation is not left behind since they must prove their financial capacity to repay with a financial history without anomaly. To do the banking at the Francia bank excluded the applicants as the incidents on the joint account. The best asset for claiming this financial mechanism is to prove that the household has stable incomes like a permanent contract or an official’s status. The level of debt is largely to become eligible for credit consolidation, so a level below 33% seems the best solution.

Who is involved in the loan redemption

There are several situations that motivate homeowners to buy back credit, such as floating-rate or variable-rate credit agreements, which may overvalue market conditions (if rates go up).

Financing can evolve at the initiative of the borrower but also its ability to repay. For example, if developments in the Durilor rate tend to fall, it is possible to obtain more advantageous conditions such as reduced monthly payments. During this operation the borrowers have a good opportunity to exercise a rescheduling of the duration of their loan hitherto impossible in a renegotiation.

Should we call on a banking intermediary?

Several professionals intervene to carry out a credit repurchase transaction. Between brokers or sole agents, it is difficult to make the right choice. What is important to remember is that these specialists in banking intermediation bring a considerable saving of time for the borrower. Indeed, hunt for the bank to get the best deal takes time and preparation. It is not uncommon to take days off to renegotiate a credit.

In addition, the agent has an expertise but also an experience that strengthens his advice. Borrowers can be reassured by a particularly protective legal framework. Does not become an agent who wants because this profession requires certification at ORIAS (register of intermediaries in insurance, banking and finance).


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