Understanding fast consumer credit

A fast consumption credit, also called consumer credit without proof, can be contracted by the vast majority of banks and specialized financial institutions in this field. Uncomfortable, he speaks to everyone.

What is a fast consumption credit?

What is a fast consumption credit?

This type of credit does not require a defined project; thus, no proof of purchase or proof of any project is necessary. It can be used to finance a personal project, the acquisition of a property, the financing of an event, studies or a bank deficit. In addition, it can also finance work on real estate, unlike most other consumer loans,

This type of credit can not exceed 75 000 $. That said, it is often capped at around $ 21,000.

However, the speed of execution of the loan application does not exempt the borrower from proof of his solvency.

The conditions for obtaining a fast consumption credit

The conditions for obtaining a fast consumption credit

The demand for a consumer credit can be done online, and the lender can respond favorably in a few days. However, although the solvency evidence was not given at the time of the request, the banks request bank account receipts at the time of finalization of the credit.

Like any consumer credit application, it is therefore necessary to prove its solvency to the lender. After an agreement in principle, the financial institutions are entitled to ask the borrower his payslips, to avoid over-indebtedness.

This is why, in addition to bank statements and payslips, it is also necessary to monitor that its debt ratio ((monthly installments of credit and fixed charges) / incomes) x100) does not exceed 33%.

Similarly, people stuck at the Banque de France will find themselves almost unable to subscribe to a fast consumer credit, in the long term.

What are the benefits of fast consumer credit?

What are the benefits of fast consumer credit?

This type of credit is usually found in most banks, and online. To find the best offer, it is possible to make very fast simulations on the internet to compare different and many organizations. The use of these comparators is completely free and allows to subscribe to the most interesting offer.

The main advantage of this credit lies in its speed: it is possible to obtain credit in less than 48 hours, which can be reassuring for a person in need of funds quickly.

Many banks also highlight the speed of sending the loan amount. The borrower can then use it immediately.


Some financial institutions present quick consumer credit as a convenient offer for any need for cash almost immediately. However, you must check with the credit comparators to find the best deal. Indeed, despite a communication focused on the “express money loan”, it is a credit, binding and to be repaid. In order to benefit from the best credit rates, do not hesitate to contact several financial institutions to compete.

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