What are the criteria for a credit surrender?

The repurchase of credit is characterized by obtaining a new loan that replaces a pre-existing credit with new conditions. To claim some conditions are necessary. Explanations below. Consumer credit purchase: the main conditions The situation of a household determines the conditions for obtaining a purchase of consumer credit in the same constraints as a conventional […]

All you need to know about credit redemption – Debt consolidation

Credit redemption consists of consolidating several outstanding loans into one. It is therefore used to repay once a month his monthly payments. It can be granted by a bank or a financial institution. More concretely, the repurchase of credit allows the borrower to spread out his debt over a longer period, and thus to reduce […]

How to make a credit redemption. How to compare credit buy offers.

The rates you will pay… It’s the jungle! You will have to really compare and detail the offers before making your choice… Especially that the types of loans offered are different depending on the institutions. On average, the rates recorded vary between 6,80% and 9,90%! Comparative credit surrender rates. Two main types of credits Mortgages, […]

What you need to know about consumer credit without proof

  You may have already crossed the term “unsupported consumer credit” in your bank’s loan proposals, without really knowing what’s behind it. Consumer credit without proof is in fact a practical and quick financial solution for unforeseen circumstances, small projects or urgent financing needs What is credit without proof? This type of loan is part […]